About the Artist

Lars Widenfalk

Born 1945 in Härjedalen, Sweden

Lars Widenfalk works primarily with sculpture in locations as diverse as Sweden, the Czech Republic and Pietrasanta, Italy. He willingly plays with a variety of media, from bronze to snow and ice. But he has a particular passion for stone, mostly marble and granite. In recent years, he has begun integrating glass into his works.

Lars studied archaeology and art history at Uppsala University in Sweden. He later studied at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts Oslo between1982 and 1985. Today, he is working at workshops in Sweden and the Czech Republic.

He has had numerous exhibitions, mostly in Sweden, and has participated in many international exhibitions, including Denmark (Brandts Kćdefabrik, 1989), Norway, the Czech Republic and Italy. His works have become part of several art collections: Swedish State Art Council, Gothenburg Art Museum, Sundsvall’s Museum and the House of Parliament. Lars' sculptures are exhibited at the Norwegian Art Council and Contemporary Modern Museum in Norway as well.

Within the Nordic context, Lars Widenfalk has long been one of the most foremost proponents for the revitalization of figurative stone sculpture.

Sculptures by Lars Widenfalk:



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