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Jun-Ichi Inoue

Jun-ichi Inoue was born in Kyoto Japan in 1948. A formally educated sculptor both at the Musashino Art University, Tokyo 1967-71, and at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1974-79 under the tutelage of Svend Wiig Hansen and Willy Řrskov. Jun-ichi Inoue combined his Japanese roots and his Western influences in his expression. His style was minimalist, figurative and organic. His roots in Japanese sculpture often made his works reminiscent of calligraphy. He spent most of his working life on the small island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea where he had easy access to the granite he needed and a close contact to the nature that constantly inspired him. Died July 17, 2009 on the island of Bornholm Denmark.

Sculptures by Jun-Ichi Inoue:

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Meditative Place

Secret Place - Fontain


Sculpture Park / Skulpturenpark
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